Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Line Up - 4/27-5/4

Another crazy busy week is on the docket for us this week! I can't wait!! The hubs is finally home from 2 weeks at work, my oldest is turning 7 and we have family coming into town... should make for fun and excitement around here!! Lots of baking to do this week - we only get to see Josh's brother and his family once a year when their circus comes into our state. This means we go and spend a few days with them and I like to ply them with goodies!! Talk about sugar overload on my list this week...

Friday - kid party (aka, bowling and pizza)
Saturday - corn dogs (that's what the birthday boy requested!)
Sunday - *fudgy chocolate layer cake, *pulled pork sandwiches, KFC copy cat coleslaw
Monday - tortellini primavera
Tuesday - cheddar and bacon burgers
Wednesday - taco night
Thursday - circus!!
Friday - still at the circus!!

Extras: big dipper oatmeal cookies, *pretzel chocolate chip cookies, *cookie dough bites, *skinny monkey cookies, *cake batter puppy chow, *oatmeal in a jar, *cream of everything mix

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