Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Line Up - 6/13-6/18

Our first camping weekend is this weekend and we couldn't be more excited!! The camper is packed and ready to roll as soon as the hubs gets home from work. Bringing a few treats along with us and trying some new recipes over the campfire, so it should be a great one! Josh's brother is coming into town this next week, so we are trying a few gluten free recipes on this end - trying to get my mind wrapped around that type of cooking... my answer? Meat, meat and more meat! :) Actually we are eating like we normally do and we'll see how we do...

Friday - Sandwiches
Saturday - Hot Dogs, Baked Beans and Chips for lunch, *Pie Iron Tacos over the fire for supper
Sunday - Father's Day supper with my dad - I'm in charge of the *Cooler Corn
Monday - *Root Beer BBQ Chicken, watermelon
Tuesday - Pick your own night
Wednesday - Tacos

Extras: refrigerator oatmeal, granola

* = New Recipes

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