Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Line Up - 3/19-3/25

The final week of pregnancy number 4 is nearing... As much as I have been hoping that it would be earlier, that doesn't seem to be happening! :) The rest of my kids have been 2 weeks early, but even with all the issues I have been having with this one, he doesn't seem to want to budge. Oh well, not long now! :) The blood pressure has been a little better, but the lower back pain is killing me right now... So, I am resorting to a lot of the freezer meals that I have been saving up just for this occasion! I have recipes for all of them, so if they turn out wonderfully I will definitely be posting...

Saturday - *Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken
Sunday - *Bacon Waffles with fruit salad
Monday - *Pepperoni and Green Olive Calzones
Tuesday - ECFE (They are providing a meal!)
Wednesday - Taco Night
Thursday - *Chuckwagon Bake
Friday - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

* New Recipes

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