Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Line Up - 3/5-3/11

As much as I don't want to admit it or do it, the time has come... This baby is officially kicking my bootie! I am three weeks and counting and feeling every minute of it! Blood pressure issues, carpal tunnel and just plain old tiredness is catching up with me. So, doctor's orders are to put my feet up as much as possible (with three kids and a full daycare, that is an interesting suggestion) and try not to do so much. Those are hard orders to fill, but I am going to try my best...

That means cutting back on all the cooking and baking that I do. That means letting my husband cook stuff that he actually wants to cook instead of attempting the recipes that I have planned. That means eating, gasp, some freezer foods for once! :) I know my kids and hubby will survive and probably appreciate it, but it won't be as fun for me! :)

So, from now until after the baby is born, I will only be posting every other day. Not much fun to post pictures of the fish sticks and frozen pizza that we are eating - although my kids have tried to remind me in the past to take a picture of that kind of stuff. "Well, mommy didn't make this" isn't an explanation that they are quite understanding... :) Hoping to be back in my kitchen a lot more very soon but until then feel free to go back and check out all the recipes that are already posted, there are some good ones! I will still post my weekly menus and hopefully I will get to them, but they might get shuffled to the next week, depending on how we are doing here! Have a great week!

Saturday - Brats and Baked Beans
Sunday - omelots
Monday - *Souped Up Meatloaf
Tuesday - fast food (if our basketball team keeps winning!)
Wednesday - Taco Night
Thursday - *Hot off the Grill Chicken
Friday - Tortellini and Garlic Bread

* New Recipes

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