Monday, May 4, 2015

Coming Soon...

Again, I have to ask - are you still out there? Cause I'm still here... I've disappeared off the face of the earth for a while, but I am making my way back. I have to - the new recipes that I have been trying are piling up everywhere, my pictures are getting lost and I'm forgetting what pictures go with what recipes. I have to jump back on the wagon! :) So, come back on Monday and I PROMISE there will be a new recipe! And I promise that I will try really hard not to disappear again (at least not for a while)! It's hard to ignore those babies of mine though - I have to take advantage of them while I have them because they are just growing up way to fast right in front of my face! So, the little things, like sitting down to a computer to type up my recipes get pushed to the back corner... But, I have to carve out room for myself and I really enjoy sharing all these new glorious recipes so here we go! Enjoy! :)

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