Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Line Up - 11/2-11/9

Let me tell you - my weekends have been a little wild lately... I am heading out of town this morning for our girls shopping weekend, so that means no time for this weeks shopping. That means that last week I worked my butt off to plan for two weeks. Seriously - not so much fun! I don't know how people plan their meals for a month at a time... It was a little stressful trying to make sure that I had enough of everything for two weeks worth! Granted my hubs is stopping today with the kids to pick up more milk and a few things that got overlooked, but still - I did the bulk of it in one trip and it was crazy! I don't get to the store more then once a week usually and my cart looks insane, so you can imagine what it looked like for 2 weeks! :) Oh well, things will hopefully be slowing down now and I will be home for my weekly outing... Here's the menu for this week -

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Mama is going shopping so the kids are on their own with Grandma and Daddy to fend for them.... The freezer is stalked with pizza, corn dogs, fish sticks and all that healthy kind of stuff! They will live, it's one weekend! :)
Monday - Baked Tilapia
Tuesday - Beef Stuffed Shells
Wednesday - Honey and Spice Baked Chicken
Thursday - Crockpot French Onion Soup
Friday - Cocoa and chili Rubbed Pork Chops

See - back on the eating healthy path for the rest of the week! :)

Have a great one!

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