Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Line Up - 7/18-7/24

So, summer in Minnesota seems like the best time ever for our Arizona family to come and visit... They get to beat the heat and enjoy the Minnesota summer weather and not deal with our nasty winters! :) So, Josh's mom just left and now his stepdad is coming in for a few days. Combine company with finishing cleaning out our freezer and we are game for some tasty meals this weekend that mostly involve beef products! :) New cow coming in so we have to make room for the fresh stuff... Yum!! I also need to get going on the cookies that I provide for National Night Out and our Cub Scout food booth. I haven't been baking quite as much this summer, so I am slacking on filling up my freezer with cookies like I did last year! Only a few weeks to get those hammered out! :)

Friday - *Sirloin Casserole
Saturday - Root Beer Pulled Pork/Corn on the Cob
Sunday - Egg Brunch Casserole/Fruit, Steaks on the Grill/Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Monday - *Easy Garlic Chicken
Tuesday - Pick Your Own
Wednesday - Spaghetti
Thursday - Tacos

Extras: Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Big Dipper Oatmeal Cookies and *Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Muffins

* = New Recipes

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