Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Line Up - 7/25-7/31

This week is going to ROCK!! For the month of July our school has been offering free lunches to the kids (while they have summer school going on) so this momma hasn't had to make lunch all month. Now pair that up with the fact that the kids have bible school this week where they also get to eat supper and I am one ecstatic momma!!! Top it with the fact that this year all four of my kids get to go to bible school and I am actually not helping with this one thing in their lives and that means I have some free time... I already warned the hubs that there will be no meal making around here this week - it is all cereal and eggs and toast for me and if he is actually home we might, JUST MIGHT go out for supper! Can you hear the excitement in my typing??? Anyhow, with all that going on I decided this week would be the perfect week to get a jump start on some of my freezer cooking for our vacation that is coming up... So, that is the line up that you are getting! Enjoy your week, I know that I am going to!

Friday - Hot Dogs
Saturday - Class Reunion
Sunday-Thursday - Vacation Bible School

Extras: *Pizza Log, *Grill Chicken for Quesadillas, Potato Bar Chili for the Camping Haystacks, Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Strawberry-Banana Jam, Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Shortcake

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