Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Chocolate

I'm keeping this recipe in my back pocket for this winter! :) As part of the Secret Recipe Club that I am a part of I had found a few recipes that I was able to try even without my stove. I chose to post that day about the hoecakes recipe that she had on her blog but I also tried this fabulous hot chocolate. It was a little warm for hot chocolate but it still tasted delicious! The coconut milk gave the hot chocolate a different taste then normal and it was fabulous. I needed to do a little experimenting with how much milk to add in order to not have it quite so thick but once I got it right it was a great chocolatey treat to top off my night... that and a great book - perfect!

I halved this recipe and still had enough for a cup of hot chocolate for 4 nights. I stored the leftover hot chocolate mixture in the fridge and added milk and reheated as much as I wanted...

Hot Chocolate
(recipe found at http://culinary-adventures-with-cam.blogspot.com)

3 cups chipped dark chocolate (I used a bag of dark chocolate chips which was perfect for a half a batch)
2 cans coconut milk
4 tablespoons sugar

Bring coconut milk to a simmer in a large saucepan. Add chocolate and sugar and whisk until completely melted. Mixture will be very thick. Add milk to create desired consistency.

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