Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Line Up - 3/1-3/7

We've got a calmer weekend on the line this weekend - it will be a much needed break! :) We have been running hard every weekend and it will be nice to kick back and relax... That being said, we aren't just going to stay home the whole time! Heaven forbid that would happen! :) A lot of new chicken meals on the menu this week... Obviously I had one thing in mind when I was planning my meals! Have a great week!

Thursday - *Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki
Friday - *Chicken and Corn Chili
Saturday - *Asian Veggie Wraps with *Cauliflower Patties
Sunday - *Pizza Grilled Cheese with *Twice Baked Potatoes
Monday - Breakfast for supper/ eggs and pancakes!
Tuesday - *Cilantro Chicken
Wednesday - *Slow Cooker Northwoods Wild Rice Soup
Thursday - Night out!

Extras - *Kale Chips

* New Recipes

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