Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Minion Cupcakes

So, on the tail of Brody's birthday, we also had Beau's birthday party. What was I thinking, I'm not sure, but I decided to do back to back parties for the boys... Good thing Brody's cake was so easy - Beau's was a little more complicated! Not much more, but you saw how easy Brody's cake was! :) I'm not always the best cake decorator, but my kids loved it and that is all that counts!

Minion Cupcakes
(Recipe found on pinterest via www.gluesticksblog.com)

1 box cake mix, your preferred flavor
1 can frosting
blue food coloring
twinkies (or something similar)
white smarties (this takes a lot of packages of smarties to find all white ones!)

Bake up your cupcakes as directed on box. Allow to cool and frost with frosting mix to the blue tint that you desire. Cut twinkies in half. Place 2 smarties on the twinkie half, using frosting as a glue to get them to stay. Add frosting lines for glasses and mouth. Place twinkie on top of cupcake. Repeat until all cupcakes are minionized!

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