Monday, September 23, 2013

Sugar Cookies

These were some of the most fantastic sugar cookies that I have ever tasted! I was super excited about these because I am always trying to find a good sugar cookie recipe that I can make... Cut-outs never seem to work for me, so I make do with just shaping them into a ball shape! :) These reminded me a little of the yummy Lofthouse cookies that I slobber over every time I see them in the store. Soft and yummy! There is a glaze or frosting that goes on top, but honestly they would have been just as good without!

In the interest of respecting the wishes of the blogger that I found this recipe from, I am not sharing her recipe on my blog, but linking to her blog. I hope you take the time to check it out... They seriously are one of the best sugar cookies that I have tasted! Sorry no picture this time, I must have been too busy gobbling all the cookies down to take time to take a picture! :)

Find the recipe here!

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