Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Line Up - 6/19-6/25

This weekend is our town celebration and I am pretty excited... We usually have a few things going on, enough to keep us busy, but this year there is a whole lot more! We are going to be running from one event to another and there are a bunch of events that I want to do but overlap what we are already having to do. Shoot - I hate when I can't be in more then one place at once!! That means not a lot of cooking going on for the weekend though and if we eat at home at all it will be throwing something frozen in the microwave! :)

Friday - Loaded Baked Potato (I wait all year for these!!)
Saturday - Burgers from the Cub Scout Booth
Sunday - Brats/Green Beans/Salad (Father's Day request)
Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - Subway (Game Night)
Wednesday - Chicken Burrito Bowl
Thursday - Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

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