Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grape Kabobs

This was a new summer favorite at my house! Of course another quick treat that I saw on pinterest and just had to try... Frozen grapes were a sweet and healthy treat that I remember having a lot at a friends house while I was growing up but have never taken the time to make them. Throwing them on the kabob just makes the fun never end - hey we're easy around here... Shake it up a bit and the kids will gobble anything down! :) Seriously - I had to start buying two bags of grapes, one to freeze and one for the fridge that's how fast they were flying off the shelf!!

Grape Kabobs
(recipe found on pinterest)


Pretty self explanatory! Grab your grapes, give them a wash... skewer them on a skewer and throw them in the freezer. They have a fabulous texture that even I could not get enough of!

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