Thursday, March 29, 2012

Barbecued Chicken Stuffed Potatoes

I love stuffed baked potatoes, my son - not so much, since he is anti any kind of potato. This was a great compromise because I felt like he was still getting a hearty healthy meal, even if he just ate the topping of the potatoes! :) Plus my husband like the extra "skins" that were tossed his way!!

Barbecued Chicken Stuffed Potatoes
(recipe found in Taste of Home Healthy Cooking)

4 large potatoes
cooking spray
1 teaspoon garlic salt with parsley
1 1/2 cups cubed cooked chicken breast
2/3 cup barbecue sauce
1 can (16 ounces) chili beans, undrained
1 can (2 1/4 ounces) slice ripe olives, drained
2 green onions, sliced
1 1/2 cups shredded reduced fat colby monterey jack cheese
2 plum tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream

Scrub and pierce potatoes. Coat with cooking spray and rub with garlic salt with parsley; place on a microwave safe plate. Microwave, uncovered, on high for 18-22 minutes or until tender, turning once. Cut each potato in half lengthwise. Scoop out the pulp, leaving 1/2" shells. Discard pulp or save for another use. In a large bowl, combine chicken and barbecue sauce. Spoon into potato shells. Top with beans, olives and green onions; sprinkle with cheese. Place on a baking sheet. Bake, uncovered, at 375 for 10-12 minutes or until heated through. Serve with tomatoes and sour cream.

Serves: 8
Points: 5 points

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