Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Line Up - 4/18-4/25

Pretty laid back week coming up, so I am in the mood to do a little cooking. We'll see how much time that I actually end up having though when it comes right down to it! :) Buying some extra goodies so that I can do some baking, but I haven't decided exactly what I am going to make yet... I'll keep you posted!

Thursday - Three Bean Casserole
Friday - Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
Saturday - Taco Fundraiser
Sunday - Grilled Cheese and Spaghettios
Monday - *Baked Turkey and Jack Cheese Chimichangas
Tuesday - *Skinny and Delicious Southwester Slow Cooker Chicken
Wednesday - Night Out
Thursday - *Skinny Baked Rigatoni

Extras - *Homemade tomato sauce, Nutty Berry Trail Mix

* New Recipes

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