Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Line Up - 10/4-10/12

I have been working on a lot of freezer cooking this week! I love being able to double a recipe that we like (or hopefully like if it is a new one) and throw the second half into the freezer. It's nice to have on hand for those weeks where time and/or money are tight! It's also nice to know that if I have to be gone for something, the hubs can unthaw and cook something up with no worries! Love it!! Those recipes will definitely be coming soon because I have found some good ones! Fall is almost here and I am super excited to start baking and cooking with pumpkin... A good friend of mine mentioned a pumpkin chili that we had before and it got me salivating... I went to look for the recipe on my blog and it wasn't there. Lucky for me, I was able to find it and as soon as I make it, I will be posting it so that I can find it easier in the future!! Here's the dish for this week...

Friday - *Pizza Casserole (double and freeze)
Saturday - Hubs and I are off on an anniversary weekend! Oktoberfest here we come!
Sunday - Not back yet... :)
Monday - *Sombrero Pasta Salad
Tuesday - picnic supper
Wednesday - *White Bean Pumpkin Chili
Thursday - *Southwest Roll Ups (double and freeze)
Friday - 3 Packet Roast

Extras: *glazed cinnamon scones, *pumpkin sage scones

* = new recipes

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