Saturday, March 15, 2014

These Hands Board

I got a little crafty with some of the left over wood that we have sitting around from when we redid our sauna. I decided that I was going to try out an idea that I saw on pinterest and if it worked out then that was the gifts that my daycare kids were going to give their parents for Valentine's Day! They turned out so cute!! I couldn't stand it!! Since most of the kids that are in my daycare are nieces and nephews, I knew that it would look cute with just their hands, but it would look WAY cuter with the whole families hands... This took a bit more effort since most of the kids are older and I had to get them over to my house to paint their hands and then let it dry before the next kiddo came over. But, it got done and the results were definitely worth the effort - everyone loved them! Here's an example of how mine turned out...

Each handprint has the kiddo's name written on it and our last name goes down the side... So, for those of you that need a little help (like my auntie did) it reads "These (hands) hold our (hearts) forever!" Love how it turned out!!

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