Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Line Up - 5/14-5/20

Missed a couple of meals last week due to unexpected events coming up... So, if you see repeats this week, that's why! I did well with cooking my healthy meals and staying away from the snack food (that was the hardest part...) Lost 5 pounds in one week - probably a lot of baby weight still attached! :) So my menu is once again chock full of healthy eats - I hope the trend can continue! I am also hopeful that this week won't be so crazy, but with the end of the school year nearing and me being back at daycare, I can't guarantee anything! :) Have a fabulous week!!

Saturday - *Salmon Grilled in Foil w/ Asparagus
Sunday - *Chocolate Revel Bars (we have a potluck to go to...)
Monday - *Dijon Mustard Chicken
Tuesday - *Risotto Stuffed Portobellos
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - *Zeus Burgers
Friday - *Rigatoni with Bacon and Asparagus

Extras: *Poppy Chow
*Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

* New Recipes

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