Thursday, January 3, 2013

Did you miss me?

Wow, kinda checked out for a while there... What can I say? We had the flu, or something, go through our house. 3 days of 3 sick kids and just when I got one healthy, the last one fell victim. We FINALLY got healthy on Christmas morning so that we could spend at least part of the holidays all together! :) Then it was a 2 week dash of spending time with friends and family and MY KIDS... Love when I am able to do that.

Of course something had to give and it was definitely my 2 blogs... But I am back now and back with a whole lot of recipes stock piled!! I was hoping to get all the cookie baking recipes up before Christmas, but I guess they will be here tempting you for next year. Plus we had a few gatherings since the last time I blogged and I have some fun new recipes from there too!

Hope life has been fabulous for all of you and that 2013 is starting off right for you... For me - healthy kids, family, friends, jobs for the hubs and I and lots of great food are a great start!

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