Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandparents Day Project

Okay, okay - I know this is a foodie blog, but every once in a while the crafty side of me comes out and I have to share... Not often enough to even THINK about doing a crafty blog but every so often! :)

Since my daycare crew are getting a little bit older I wanted to try my hand at doing a few more painting activities with them. I started off doing a lot of them and then got too many little ones that needed to be fed, diapered - you know, paid attention to! :) So, I am back at it - a little at a time! With grandparents day tomorrow I wanted to send the kids home with a fun little something for their grandparents, that was easy for us to make! Seriously - go do it right now, you have time! :)

Supplies Needed:
yellow paint
black paint

How To:
You can totally figure this out on your own... I did and I am not that crafty! :) Paint feet yellow, place on paper. Let dry and add your black accents!

How cute is the littlest one? Gotta love baby feet! Have fun!

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