Monday, September 5, 2011

Ranch Style Noodles

Pizza is usually our go to meal for a Saturday lunch. Something that I can pop in the oven while I am doing my chores for the day and still get something accomplished. I decided that I needed to use up all those leftover boxeds of pasta that I had in my cupboard. You know the ones - when you need a cup of pasta here, a cup of pasta there, all for different recipes? Then you forget that you still have some shoved in the back of your cupboard and you end up buying a new box? Yeah, those are the ones! So, I busted out that boxes and cooked them up. Then I thought, we don't need to just have noodles and butter, let's mix it up a bit. So, I grabbed the packets of ranch dressing that were sitting on my cupboard and added those. It turned out fantastic!! I love buttered noodles and this definitely kicked it up a notch!

Ranch Style Noodles

1 (16 ounces) box of rotini noodles (or whatever you have on hand)
2 packets ranch dressing and dip mix

Cook pasta as directed on box. Drain and add ranch dressing and butter. Stir and serve.

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