Sunday, September 11, 2011

Teacher Gift - Pencil Holder

My creativity comes from the many blogs that around the net... It is fabulous how creative some people are and they come up with the most awesome wonderful things! I love to find cute ideas for cheap but fun teacher gifts. Since I was a teacher in my other lifetime (before kids) I loved all the fun things that parents did for me to show their appreciation for how hard I worked. It doesn't have to be anything super spendy, sometimes it was just a heartfelt note, but it meant the world to me. Now that my kids are in school I want to show the same love to their teachers!

Meet the teacher night was just last week and I made this beauties up for my son's teachers. Like I said in yesterday's post - I am not a crafty person and I don't have a ton of supplies on hand, so I make due with what I have! I am sure you could cuten (is that a word?) this up a bit, but I thought that they were fun this way!

Supplies Needed:
tin can
a bazillion pencils (okay, maybe not a bazillion, but it sure felt like it! :)
glue gun
rice, beans, beads (something to hold the pencils in)

How To:
Hot glue pencils all around your can until completely covered. Add rice, beans, whatever to the inside of your can. Decorate with bow. Sharpen MORE pencils to put inside your pencil holder. Believe me when I say that your child's teacher will LOVE you for sending SHARPENED pencils, especially if he/she teaches the younger grades! :)

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