Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Line Up - 10/26-11/1

Once again I am on the eternal quest for eating healthier and losing some of this weight that I have managed to find again... This means making healthier meals and better choices as to what and how much I eat. To help in my quest a group of us have joined up at healthy wage in order to put our money where our mouth is! Hopefully this will give us all the extra nudge that we need. They have a variety of mini challenges there, so I hope that you will stop by and vote for our team, The Flab-U-Less Five! We could use all the help and encouragement you can spare!

Friday - Sandwiches (on the run)
Saturday - *15 minute pork chops
Sunday - Roast
Monday - pasta primavera with shrimp
Tuesday - italian burritos
Wednesday - grilled cheese with spaghettios
Thursday - *Grandma's Dip (that's my item for her birthday party!)

Extras: *zucchini mini muffins, *candy corn kix mix popcorn balls

* new recipes

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