Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Banana Split Breakfast

I am always looking for something fun and inexpensive to feed the kids for breakfast in the mornings... I do feed them cereal a few days of the week, but to mix it up I like to throw in muffins, pancakes, waffles and this tasty dish that my mom clipped for me when I first started doing daycare! The kids love this for breakfast, not to mention my sisters, who also get a little taste of it as they are dropping their kids off! I love serving these in my banana split dishes that I got from my friend Tracy - the picture would have been of those, but the kids gobble this breakfast up WAY too fast!

Banana Split Breakfast

1/2 banana, sliced
2 scoops frozen yogurt
scoop of strawberries
sprinkle of cereal

Slice bananas into your serving dish. Follow with 2 scoops of frozen yogurt. (I just buy the regular yogurt that comes in the big container and freeze it in my freezer. It is a little hard when you first take it out, but works great after you let it thaw a little!) Scoop strawberries on top, followed by a sprinkle of whatever cereal you have on hand...

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